Research & Development

Acting for innovation that serves patients with no therapy available, Intsel Chimos is developing, under an exclusive license with the CNRS, a molecule for the treatment of gliomas. This molecule obtained Orphan Drug status at the FDA and the EMA due to the rarity of the disease and thanks to its huge potential proven in vitro.

The safety of this molecule has already been proven and preclinical trials are now ongoing.

an academic research partner

In order to be closer to the sources of innovation, the laboratory Intsel Chimos attaches importance to academic and institutional partnerships, for example by funding PhD theses.

As a holder and/or exploitant of several Marketing Authorizations (MA), Intsel Chimos is able to promote products from international structures wishing to access the French market. Its strong knowledge and experience of the market makes Intsel Chimos a partner of choice for product exploitation, distribution and regulatory services.