ATUs distribution

Intsel Chimos has been specialized in the importation and the distribution of drugs indicated for rare or serious pathologies since the 60’s, earlier than the creation of the French Temporary Use Authorizations (ATUs) system.

This long experience has allowed us to build up solid and efficient relationships with numerous foreign partners and to be considered as the expert in the distribution and the exploitation of experimental drugs to hospitals (public or private establishments).

Our structure and organization enable an immediate reactivity to every hospital need.
Our access to a large drugs portfolio (with some under exclusive license) guarantees the security of our supply and distribution chain. Intsel Chimos is authorized to handle narcotics and psychotropics and masters the logistics necessary for handling cold chain products. We have a permanent stock in order to be able to reply to any demand, even urgent, and we guarantee delivery before 1:00 PM for any order placed earlier than 3:00 PM on the previous day.

Intsel Chimos complies with the Good Distribution Practices (GDP) and ensures batch follow-up and traceability (and recalls when needed). A committed and dedicated team provides healthcare professionals with replies to Medical Information questions within 24 to 48 hours and takes care of the Pharmacovigilance follow-up. We are very meticulous in our handling of any type of claim, for the sake of the continuous improvement of our services.

In order to respect regulations and to guarantee the best conditions for the drugs, Intsel Chimos commits itself to a strict Quality Policy through every step of its activity.

The French ATUs system was created in 1986 and permits a temporary access grant to a specific treatment without any Authorization of Marketing in France. These authorizations allow early access to new treatments and are accorded for drugs which security and efficacy are strongly presumed in the treatment of specific rare or serious diseases. ATUs are granted only through healthcare facilities.

Nominative ATUs (ATUn) are delivered in France for individual patients under the responsibility of the prescribing physician. Nominative ATUs’ referential is available since September 17th of 2018 on French Health Authorities (ANSM) website using
the following link.

Cohort ATUs (ATUc) are delivered in France when the Marketing Authorization Holder requests this. They are granted for a group of patients treated and monitored according to the criteria defined in the Therapeutic Use & Information collecting Protocol (PUT).