Intsel Chimos company is the holder of several Marketing Authorizations (MA) in various therapeutic areas including niche products and also bigger stature products, this allowing us to provide the most complete offer to hospital staff. 

Intsel Chimos attaches great importance to its partners and service providers, striving to guarantee the most secure and efficient channel for the products we offer. After more than 50 years by the side of the hospitals, we are well aware of their needs and demands. Thanks to this, we can offer adapted and quality solutions.

In particular, we market the prostaglandin analog Alprostadil Intsel Chimos® for hospitals.

" The instructions provided by your physician should always be adhered to."

The documents accessible to healthcare professionals are available here in after:

Intsel Chimos remains a reliable partner, mindful of your expectations and the increasing demand of healthcare products, in order to meet the needs of any patient, with any disease.